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I feel like I am at the start again. This time I am clear on what I want to do. And who I want to do it for and with. 

That hasn’t always been true. It is true that I have gone mostly where I wanted to go. Followed the path that I made up, not some prescribed career highway. However I was blinded by the lights of progress. I wanted to make it to CEO and lead a business. For the longest time that is what drove me. That desire led me to cut short some tenures as I was so focused on progress. It also meant that I missed clarity on what was driving my success. 


Gerry Murphy

Founder of Pentalogy Marketing

What has been central to my approach every step of the way, was the desire to understand my customer. Data, opinion, feedback, old fashioned research and behavioral analysis (early days in store and latterly online/digital behaviour). All techniques to understand the ‘who and why’ of different customer bases. 


When I have been most successful, that is what has been at the core of that success. Of course matched with my ability to execute against that understanding. When I have failed or washed out in the same place I started, the key ingredient has been the level of influence I have been able to leverage across the whole business. 

There is no doubt in my mind, one without the other is a tremendous limiter.

When I reflect on those different outcomes, I can see and remember vividly when the balance between love and fear in the business as a whole was much more conducive to a positive outcome. It’s not just about the marketing. It’s about how your whole business is geared.

So that is what I am focused on now. Helping businesses and marketers (re)connect their business model(s) with a clear understanding of who their customer is and why they engage with them. On this base layer understanding is focusing in on the balance between love and fear and how you present your business to your audience. That balance when struck and executed against, fosters growth and minimizes corrosion within the organization and customer base. It delivers focus on your purpose and creates platforms for experiences and communications ‘with’ your consumers rather than ‘at’ them. 


After all this time, I am richer for the experiences in my career, both good and bad. I am still ignited by the challenge. I still have desire to create connections between consumers and brands that matter to both. And a real desire to work with like minded businesses who want the same.

Still dreaming. Still creating. Still learning. 

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