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I can help. In many different ways. I have over 30 years experience on both sides of the Atlantic in some great brands and many different sized businesses. 

Business Meeting

If you are starting out or in early days of your business development, I can help you define your purpose and your customer proposition. 


If the business has reached a certain level but isn’t connecting with your market the way you want it to, I can help you build those connections to your market.


If part of your business is acting like a ‘problem child’, I can support you in getting it back on track.


Got a new market opportunity but not sure how to tackle it?  Building out market and competitive gap analysis has been a specialty of mine for a long time. 


Whether you want me in your business for a day, a month or an even longer tenure to support your team, or even be a proxy for a team while you build your team. I am open to a discussion about your needs and how I can help fulfill them.

Let's make contact and discuss the possibilities -





(917) 471-1259

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