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AI in Business; Tech and bigger problems

Episode 7 of Marketing in 5 acts, takes on the challenging but trending subject of AI in business. My guest on this episode is Dan Faggella of Emerj AI research company. Dan's business has been researching and studying in this white space for several years now and I was delighted he shared his 'state of the nation' on AI and tech development with us.

This fascinating discussion revolves around why a business would want to make this future facing approach a core competency, and the challenges it would face in doing so.

Those challenges are not limited to technical challenges. Some of the biggest blockers will be Senior Executive sponsorship and stewardship as well as stake-holding partners being able to talk in the same language.

Dan contends that how a business has historically been set up, will be a clear indicator on how difficult it will be to adopt AI into their business. He clearly articulates how digitally native businesses have a clear advantage (assuming they take it) in being more agile and nimble and less hamstrung by legacy systems and data architecture in particular. In addition Dan gives sage advice on how a business can extend their Business Intelligence capability into Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning and beyond. Reminding us that it is not the only path.

We also discuss some of the surprising learnings from Emerj's recent AI in banking white paper and the implications for approach and adoption in other industries.

Great guy, great discussion. Big challenges for business that need to be explored.

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