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Unicorns, Natives and Experience! Episode 5 of Marketing in 5 Acts Show Notes

Episode 5 looks at the phenomenon of Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands and the changes they are bringing to the marketplace, the investment landscape and the marketing landscape.

From investment to unit economics to a changing marketing blueprint, it's a fascinating story and approach. So whether you are a DTC brand trying to emulate the success of some of the so-called Unicorns, or an Omnichannel business wanting to direct more focus to direct to consumer propositions, food for thought in how to structure your approach.

Resources quoted are all linked below:

Enjoy the show!

Sitara Ramesh breaks down the investment profile in the article linked below which gives perspective on just how long this approach has been in market.

Read the Tim Armstrong interview with Modern Retail here

And Ad Week breaks down the spend profile of 125 DTC companies in this article:

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