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Marketing and Technology: An unlikely partnership

In this week's episode of Marketing in 5 Acts, I interview my friend and former colleague Rich Robinson. As you will hear, Rich is a proud West Virginia Mountaineer, a former Veteran and a seasoned professional in the world of Technology. In his current role, as CTO of Standard Industries, Rich has accepted the challenge to take a very successful legacy business and "disrupt itself", in what he describes as an industry that hasn't changed too much over the last 20 years.

It is always great to catch up with Rich, but I really wanted to talk to him about the blurring of the lines between Marketing and Technology, and how this partnership could be central to the changing face of business over the coming years.

Rich has a wealth of experience in the technology space but it's his leadership and approach that I think are transformational. The collapse of the vertical technology stack, favored for a horizontal integration that makes every function technology integrated and challenges every leader to be tech savvy.

It is a fascinating listen and one that should challenge you to think differently about your approach from either the marketing or technology standpoint. And as the use of data becomes integral in every marketer's playbook, the CTO should be your best friend.

Rich's LinkedIn profile is below and I am sure he would love to hear from you if you are a technologist interested in the fertile territory of a business that is pursuing digital transformation, in a market that has significant potential.


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