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Marketing in 5 Acts - Interview with Coach Lance Watson

Changing gears for episode 2 as I have my Triathlon Coach and friend, Coach Lance Watson on the show today.

The reason Coach Lance is the first guest is really very simple. When I think of the brands/businesses/services that I am closest with, Coach Lance's business LifeSport Coaching is at the top of the tree.

His storied career of coaching an Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete, World Championship winning athlete and many more accolades and highlights are a great listen. However, more than that are the principals and values Coach Lance has placed at the centre of his approach and his business. I believe it is this essence that allows him to create, build and develop the sort of relationship I have had with him over the last 3 and a half years.

In marketing we use throwaway language like "know your customer" but how many of us really do. Coach Lance's approach is a blueprint for that.

It would be easy to say that the world of Coach and the term Coach itself by definition means that there is a connection. And while that is true, in marketing as we talk about deep personalization in consumer understanding and the power data gives us as marketers, how many of us have actually envisaged what it could or should look like. I think this is very close to it.

Enjoy the words of wisdom and stories from Coach Lance Watson.

Coach can be found at:

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