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Show Notes Episode 4 - Gibson Guitars: Sticking Your Neck Out!

In Episode 4, I review a day when three converging elements all serendipitously came to my attention.

1. When I explain the principals behind my businesses 'Penta' (Five elements), the one that most connections need explaining is the notion of Fear being at the root of your business decision making.

2. A couple of hours later a connection in a social network shared a link to a Gary Vaynerchuk video, where he championed a belief (that I share), that your goal in a sales approach should be primarily to make a trusted connection. One route he suggested to doing that, where it fits into the proposition, was helping your customer to understand what they could do to make you obsolete. The antithesis of a fearful approach.

3. A friend and former colleague, Derek Lenard, texted me to say that Gibson Guitars had made a video about IP protection and that it was somewhat menacing to his passion project, Big D Guitars!

Hear how it all plays out and some suggestion I have for how Gibson could have, and still could, handle this situation differently without Fear being their driving force.


Links and references below to the video and articles that motivated me to pull it altogether.

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