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Solidarity, Transformational Communities and Trust as a Currency.

In Episode 6 I am delighted to welcome Nicole Meline to the show.

Nicole Meline is a transformation catalyst and community builder. A mentor, athlete, and artist, she builds transformative communities around mentorship, physical practice, and adventure through ALTER, an ecosystem of wellness wisdom and inspiration. ALTER podcast and practice joyfully explore a balance between hustle and flow, and ALTER Journeys are soulful adventure retreats around the world designed to ignite and bring you home to yourself. Based in Brooklyn, endlessly curious and often wandering, Nicole draws from deep academic training as well as experience in innovative boutique fitness, yoga, and wellness to inspire playful, purposeful, courageous growth and creativity.

Listen as Nicole and I discuss her academic background, how she has built her community and how trust has become an intrinsic currency in her relationship with that community and the individuals within it.

When you look at that paragraph above, there isn't a brand or business who wouldn't covet what Nicole has created. The meatiest part of the conversation revolves around how businesses can truly connect with "their people", and Nicole's thinking about community solidarity is thought provoking and challenging to us all.

In fact as a footnote to the show, Nicole and i discussed the notion of 'walking with your consumer' and she mentioned 'Super Bowl" style commercials for telling brand stories. As we move from the 'attention economy' to the 'emotion economy', we will see more brands leaning into this purpose. And as a marker for this, as I was editing the show, I saw the commercial for Volkswagen new Electric Bus, ID. BUZZ. You tube version is linked below. You can judge for yourself on whether this is a calculated campaign against the emissions scandal the car manufacturer found itself in or is it a genuine commitment to change as an organization to make a positive difference in our world!

Fascinating discussion with a fascinating guest. Loved chatting with Nicole and hope you enjoy the areas we covered.

Links for Nicole's website and podcast are all below.

Have a great week!

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