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The Tiger Brand

Tiger Woods has achieved the highest accolades in his sport and indeed in all of sports. He also suffered a very public behavioral demise and then a compounding physical one.

He was on the verge of extinction from his sport and had become relevant only in the hearts of the most avid of fans.

In the face of both emotional and physical adversity he fought through his understandable fears to find his way back. He loved the opportunity enough to adapt and change his style, his approach, on Sunday at the 12th and 17th holes in particular, demonstrated the balance that he never had to strike, when his talent was at its peak.

He played with so many love factors. Trust, care, bravery but importantly shunned fear when all around him started to tighten up.

Many more talented writers and commentators have captured the power of this moment, and particularly the echoes of his past as he hugged his kids.

However the business parallels are not lost on me. It’s not all about the latest brand or the latest business model. The right approach at the right time, considering the context and finding new ways to play and connect, can win out. Yes you need talent, but in the moment you need to embrace the love of the challenge before you and believe in the incredible!

So.......regardless of your current trajectory and current opponents.......

- Take your brand/business/service into that arena and play.

- Play like it’s the moment you weren’t supposed to have.

- Play with a love that shines bright that no one can deny the moment.

- Reimagine that win badged “incredible” and continue to strive toward it.

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