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Everyone has a story. Whether you believe you have or not, I think it is more likely that you have dismissed your story as unimportant to anyone. 

My goal here is to create a platform for real-life stories of love, fear and courage. They may be personal or professional. They may be a moment in time or over a lifetime. There is something to be gained by understanding what we each go through. Struggle or have struggled with. Exalt in or are exacted by. 

The publishing industry shouldn’t be the only decision maker on who should be heard or read.

And for you, even if the only beneficiary of airing your story is you (it won’t be), the catharsis alone will be of benefit to you. And if one other person benefits from hearing about you, to know that they are not alone, or to shine a light on their darkness, isn’t that worth knowing? 

And I want it to go beyond that. Would there be benefit in connecting with the author to find out answers to the questions the story leaves you with? 

There is work to be done here on how to connect a community that wants to share where they have been and what they have seen and done. 

Maybe it is research. Maybe it is learning. Maybe it is seeking your truth from one who has gone before. It is every bit as valid in business as it is in life. 

Let’s connect and share our stories and take it from there. 


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