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It has all become a bit ‘du jour’ to talk about brand stories and how best to convey them. However I believe it is still the deepest form of connection with a customer. A baseline. To have them say, ‘I know who and what you are and I am interested in these aspects for these reasons”. This gives you, the business owner the ‘who and the why’. 

Unlike some of the greatest stories ever told, your brand story needs to be true. It needs to speak to the essence of your product/business/service. Your brand story needs to tell the tale of why your business exists and what that means for your potential customer.

The story gets to revel in the joy, benefit, problem solving and purpose of what your product/business/service can deliver for the consumer.

On many occasions we see the story slip back into a litany of features and benefits masquerading as the reasons why the consumer should be interested. Rarely do we make space for what this really means to the consumer. 


“It has to have a CTA” - your story told well IS a call to action. A call for inquiry and discovery, if told to the right audience. And not just for today. For a consumer, to understand your story and what it means to them, gives us a basis for a relationship. Something to build on. 

Sure it has to be seen or heard or experienced in some way. And yes it would be great to have evidence of that, or to get feedback on what the story means to these consumers.

However all these elements can take time. A story can’t be rushed. Missing the middle chapters or rushing to the end will not be a compelling read, watch or experience. 


Like acquaintances we establish some sort of value judgement of: ‘I like her/him’ - how does this play out when they don’t meet your expectations over time? Disappointment. Disengagement. And no amount of reassurance or attempts to re-engage will return you to the previous point. So as you tell your story to the outside world, it is crucial that it is true and is the core of your work inside your 4 walls. 


Worse still is that as a consumer, I have no expectations of you at all. No opinion or feeling. How will you ever become relevant. It is risky to tell your story. You risk being ignored. But without risking that, you also miss out on the connection with your consumer that  can lead to that hallowed ground of being a revered product/service/brand in someone’s life. 

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