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Behavioral Science in Marketing

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Quite a dry title for a fascinating subject.

On this week's podcast my guest is Richard Shotton. Richard is the author of the book, The Choice Factory. This is a great study of 25 consumer biases that could be impacting your consumer and how they interact with your brand.

The book has a great structure that makes it easy for the first time explorer of this approach to

a) understand the bias

b) understand the science and study behind it

c) the implications for marketing and marketers

I found today's discussion fascinating from a number of different angles

1. The biases themselves - how easy it is to recognize them, not just in your customers but in your organization too.

2. The amount of effort we put into understanding physical behavior of consumers continues to grow with technology and data capability. However this science that has been around for a long time, is at best under-deployed.

3. The obstacles to adoption. Typically, the marketer has a lot of challenges on his/her plate and finding a way in for subject matter like this, which can seem contentious, can be very difficult.

4. In preparation for this topic, it has been the most polarizing so far. Which of course opens us as marketers up to those biases too.

I really would love to hear from you and the 5 best comments and contributors to the feedback show will receive a FREE copy of the book (awarded by me). Use any channel, voicemail on the site, email, or text me your POV. I would love to hear what resonated and what didn't.

It's a fascinating subject and I really enjoyed having Richard walk us through how he ended up here from a more classical agency role.

Below are links to some of the study references Richard made, should you wish to dig deeper. And as I mentioned at the end of the show, there is a discount code below for all and any who would love to take Richard's course.

Course Discount Code

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