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Marketing in 5 Acts - Episode 1

As part of the launch of Pentalogy Marketing, I am also launching my podcast, Marketing in 5 Acts.

In Episode 1, I discuss my journey so far, a couple of recent pivotal moments in my personal and professional life and how all of this brought me to the thinking behind Pentalogy Marketing.

Pentalogy is a greek origin word used to describe a narrative or written work in 5 parts. This literary structure was used widely in the 15th and 16th centuries but more commonly identified with William Shakespeare. This is the perfect umbrella for the work I want to do next:

Pentalogy Marketing’s 5 studies are:

Your CUSTOMERS: data, insights, understanding and connection. The true ‘who and why’ of your business.

Your BUSINESS: models, propositions and purpose. The ‘what’ your business means and impact it has.

Your emotional output: the balance between LOVE and FEAR in decision making and roots. Not just in your communications, but in how you are structured and the culture that permeates your organization.

Your COURAGE: the way in which you execute and perform the output of the previous 4 ‘acts’. This can be success defining and culture defining in how you approach opportunities and challenges in the first place.

Hear how my story reflects this and why I am excited to bring this model, or parts of it, to help business identify and realize the opportunities they have in front of them.

David Bowie is one of my heroes,

and I recently found this quote from him that summed up my feelings precisely.

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been”

David Bowie

I guess I should add that to the list of things he got spot on!

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