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Superusers - ignore them at your peril!

I am not Spotify “bashing” but as a follow up to the Spotify/Hulu partnership recently I wanted to provide a potential solution.

As previously stated, I am a Premium member of Spotify but my account is maxed out! That means I can’t add any more follows of artists or playlists until i delete some. I am a self -proclaimed “superuser”.

I even have (maybe had!) a routine around the best parts of the personalization on Spotify.

Every Friday I get my “Release Radar” and “My Discover Weekly” playlists. This is working really well for me. I must have at least 3 artists or songs/albums that every week make it to the add list. In my current 'maxed out' state, I am now faced every Friday with the musical equivalent question of ‘which of my children is my favorite?’ There is nothing good coming out of any answer here. So now I face a purge every Friday? And I am paying for the privilege?

Spotify, your algorithmic skill is superseding your proposition development. While I am delighted with your recommendations, not being able to save them for a revisit or continue to update my listening behavior means very shortly we are going to stall.

Will we survive this?

It’s unclear at this point.

I am already exploring what else I can do to supplement my music habit.

And yet I believe Spotify had the answer in their hands recently with the aforementioned Hulu partnership.

For your superusers, who also were subscribers to Hulu (can’t be a segment of 1, the numbers are too big on both platforms), you could have targeted the partnership this way.

Hey Gerry, great news, As a premium subscriber you are now getting Hulu for free, click here to unsubscribe from your Hulu account and attach it to your Spotify account! You just saved $7.99 (i think) per month.

Now we also noticed Gerry you are maxed out. For $7.99 (or for some portion of it) we will move you to Unlimited access and saves. (Even if that 'Unlimited' was some cobbled together version of the Family 5 accounts @$14.99).

Spotify - that one is Free.

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